Part of the award-winning transmedia project produced by a_Bahn and broadcast around the world by ARTE.
“I am, what the French call, a “poet engage” or engagement poet,” noted poet and educator Denize Lauture declares in the film Speak the Words the Way You Breathe. The film is critically acclaimed filmmaker (Let Fury Have the Hour), author (A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears), and visual artist (A Furious Heartbeat) Antonino D’Ambrosio’s newest offering, an international production part of the Zoolook Experience that examines language and sound as a point of connection, engagement and democracy. Using New York City as a character, the film focuses on language—“the word”—as a creative response to how we connect with each other, speak to the human condition, and organize society so it can work better for everyone. D’Ambrosio assembled poets and artists of distinction including Lauture (Haiti), Genya Turovskaya (Ukraine), Edwin Torres (Puerto Rico), musician Jeremiah Lockwood (Poland Romania), DJ Luke Vibert (London), and anthropologist/archeologist Dr. Fabio Esteban Amador to capture the diversity of a people–their spirit, their language and their ideas–that not only makes New York City come alive but also makes us truly human. A kaleidoscopic portrait, Speak the Words the Way You Breathe is a cultural anthropological investigation of language (“the word”) filmed as a visual poem.

Speak the Words the Way You Breathe
A Film by Antonino D’Ambrosio

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