Let Fury Have the Hour

“Portrays artists as world citizens creating works that transcend borders and have the ability to alter perspectives and inspire change…. It’s good to be reminded now and again that art matters, and to dare to think that artists can and often do join forces and change the world” -NPR/KQED “Antonino D’Ambrosio’s new film, Let Fury Have […]

Frank Serpico

“Frank Serpico” is a finely etched and fascinating documentary. Directed by Antonino D’Ambrosio, it’s a portrait of the legendary Brooklyn-born Italian- American cop who blew the whistle on New York police corruption in the late ’60s and early ’70s — and, of course, it’s a movie you can hardly watch without comparing it to “Serpico,” […]

“No Free Lunch” with Lewis Black

Comedian Lewis Black Rants Against Corporate Greed – A short film starring the groundbreaking comedian Lewis Black. Written/directed by Antonino D’Ambrosio (critically acclaimed author of “Let Fury Have the Hour” and the upcoming “A Heartbeat and A Guitar”), “No Free Lunch” is presented by the union SEIU and produced with Noise-Pop Industries. This is the […]