Luc Sante’s “My City”

Writer Luc Sante shares his classic The New York Review of Books easy My Lost City in a Special Feature from the IFC Films Sundance Selects release of Antonino D’Ambrosio’s feature Frank Serpico (IFC Films/Gigantic Pictures/La Lutta)

A Kiss to the Land by Denizé Lauture A Kiss to the Land by Denizé Lauture, Poems selected and introduced by Antonino D’Ambrosio Invoking the dreams of his Haitian ancestors, who now haunt his memories, Denizé Lauture’s poetry is imbued with a sense of never forgetting, reminding us all that the story of enduring must continue to be written, spoken, and dreamt. Writing and performing in […]

How creative response artists and activists can transform world

In an exchange of essays on American democracy published in the January 11, 1941, issue of The Nation, a few leading intellectuals of the time explored the question “Who owns the future?” The context: an escalating world war and the rise of fascism and despotism, which had engulfed the world in an ideology that would cost […]