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The late Joe Strummer was more than a punk rocker. With the Clash and on his own, he helped give the punk movement a social conscience. That process is the story behind the book and the documentary called “Let Fury Have The Hour,” both written by Antonino D’Ambrosio. Here he talks with WNYC about rebel […]

Jail Guitar Doors

Jail Guitar Doors

Jail Guitar Doors works toward a more fair and just America. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing musical instruments and mentorship to help rehabilitate prisoners through the transformative power of music. Jail Guitar Doors implements prison programs and produce concert events. They advance new solutions to diminish prison violence and recidivism. They support organizations that […]

Grafiti: Los Tatuajes de Quito

REACT to FILM‘s Ohio University Chapter Leader, Caitlin Stone was so inspired by Antonino D’Ambros io’s film, “Let Fury Have the Hour,” that she worked with other students while studying abroad in Ecuador to create the short doc “Grafiti: Los Tatuajes de Quito.” Join Caitlin Stone, Jessica DeLuca, Antonino D’Ambrosio and other special guests for […]


Antonino D’Ambrosio of La Lutta NMC participates in musician and longtime Bruce Springsteen collaborator Steve Van Zandt’s organization TeachRock. “The idea ‘Rumble’ on a superficial, on a reactionary level is to ‘fight’, but for me it means to disrupt, to roar, to be active” More from Antonino on “Rumble” :http://teachrock.org/video/antonino-dambrosio-rumble/ ABOUT TEACHROCK Stevie Van Zandt’s […]

Let Fury Have the Hour Study Guide

Download the Study Guide ABOUT THE FILM In his feature directorial debut, author and visual artist Antonino D’Ambrosio spins a lively social history that chronicles how a generation of artists, thinkers and activists channeled their creativity into an organized response and resistance to the reactionary politics that increasingly defined American culture in the 1980s. This idea of art […]